We find it very necessary to drop this vital information here on our website because of the growing interest of several persons in bringing Apostle Christian Nwoke to their regions for gospel ministrations. This is to give an understanding of the cost of bringing the man of God, and to avoid assumptions.

This information is strictly for those who are interested in bringing God’s servant, Apostle Christian Nwoke and his gospel team to their state/country for crusades, revival meetings, conferences, or programs.

Our requirements from Program Hosts are:

1- Transportation cost (return ticket) for the man of God and one or two other persons accompanying him. 

2- Accommodation with the touch of godliness.

3- We don’t put charges on honorarium…so the honorarium is as the Lord provides for the program host…their are no charges on that. 

That’s all!!! Nothing else!

Message us via our email as concerning this matter:

NOTE: Before you invite us for any program/meeting as such, Pray and Plan properly before going ahead and after God has given you confirmations, He Himself will provide for it. But if the man of God prays and doesn’t get a go ahead from God, before any commitment, the information will be passed to the hosts so that they can invite any other person… But if God says yes to the man of God, then GAG will be there.

Our goal is to stir up hearts for God via the anointed message of the Kingdom Gospel with accompanying signs, wonders and miracles bringing salvation to men.