GAG is the acronym for GOD’S ARMY GLOBAL…

GAG is an end time Apostolic Teaching Ministry.

This is a commission given to Apostle Christian Nwoke in a vision by the Lord Jesus Christ on the 12th of 12 (December), 2012. This is also known as Vision 12,12,12.

On 12,12,12, I saw Jesus come to me with a host of angels and I went to usher him into an assembly I had prepared for him. The Lord was in His glory in the vision as I couldn’t stand before Him as I fell to my feet and He raised me up. The Lord told me some private things in this vision and was to return later to me at night of  the same day.

The Lord Jesus came to me at midnight of the same day. He was wearing a white robe and was putting on a sandal that looks like ancient roman sandals (those sandals that have lace going almost up to the knee point).

As He walked with me, the Lord Jesus was at the front of me and then He took me to a cleft on the mountain top where I saw the entire world in deep darkness, but there were few lights like stars and the Spirit of God told me, those lights were the saints on earth…afterwards, the Lord Jesus told me this exact words as I continued looking at the world that was besieged by gross darkness:


These words and vision is true and without human addition. These events are part of the threshold occurrences to the birthing of God’s Army Global.

The ministry (GAG) officially started off on February 11th 2018 in Abuja Nigeria.

GAG is a heavenly commission which is and shall bring great glory to the God of heaven.

Bless God.


Bringing The Fullness Of God To Everyman Everywhere And Taking As Numberless As The Sand By The Seashore To Heaven With Us, Even You.

Christian O. Nwoke