5 Replies to “NO WEAPON PART II”

  1. Ernest Victory says:

    To the Glory of God, this Sermons are life changing and destiny transforming. Hallelujah!!!

    1. Mulenga Mwemena says:

      I’m a partaker of Gag sermons and they have impacted my Christian life with great faith. The sermon “No weapon” Is my daily meditation, I have experienced victories over frustrations, depressions and setbacks(things that enslaved me) since I heard the sermon and started praying. Even up to this whenever I see or experience an attack, I’m always praying No weapon. The sermon keeps reviving me and it is always fresh each time I listen to it. I praise God for the anointing on Apostle Christian, there’s just so much power in the message.

      1. To God be the Glory for what he is doing in your life brother Mulenga.
        Remain continually Blessed in Christ the King

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